Becoming a CMA

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Management Accountant

Career Advancement

Accountant is good and CFO IS BETTER!

Professional Networking

More than 50,000 active CMAs throughout the world .

International Certification

Globally recognized certification opens a world of opportunities.

Individual Pride

CMAs adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

Becoming a CMA will change your life! Success demonstrates expertise in management accounting, finance, and ethics, and places you on a path for promotions and greater compensation.

The main requirement to becoming a Certified Management Accountant is passing the challenging CMA Exam. There are also education and experience requirements (a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and two years of professional experience). Click the CMA Handbook button for detailed information about the requirements and the registration process.

The CMA doesn’t cost, it pays! Although self-study materials are available, candidates working on their own invest time and money taking it a second or third time, or sadly get frustrated and give up along the way.

The CMA School guarantees our CMA Exam Review Classes will help you pass the CMA Exam the first time you take it! We closely follow updates and study past exams to help you focus your time on the questions you will most likely see. Our classes offer the quality of your favorite college class with the convenience of technology.  You can pass the entire Exam within eight months of starting our class!

The CMA Exam has two independent parts: Part 1: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control, and Part 2: Financial Decision Making. These parts can be taken in any order in one of three testing windows each year.

CMA Subject Content CMA Exam Testing Windows
You can arrange a live May/June
introduction to the September/October
CMA HERE January/February

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