Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This statement is intended to clarify the agreement between the CMA School and each enrolled student.


Our mission at the CMA School, a division of The CPA School of Washington, is to prepare our registered students to pass the Certified Management Accounting Exam. We do so by offering live CMA Review classes via the internet on a schedule made available to all students and updated as necessary.



Students may enroll in Part 1 or Part 2, or they may choose to save money by enrolling in both parts at the same time. As of this writing, only one part is offered at a time.  For the rest of this document we will refer to whichever part a student has enrolled in as simply a class; those who enroll in both parts are said to be participating in the full program. Students enroll in and pay for either one of the classes or the full program on our website, www.cmaschool.com, using the secure and trusted PayPal platform. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make this payment, as PayPal allows users to pay directly with a major credit card.


Students may be interested in learning about PayPal credit, which effectively creates a six-month, interest-free payment plan. PayPal is responsible for whatever credit checks they deem necessary and makes all decisions as to whether a particular student is eligible to take advantage of this plan. The CMA School is in no way involved in this process, but hope it will be helpful to our students.


What you get

Once a student enrolls and his/her payment has been processed, we have the current edition of the Gleim CMA Review textbook sent to him/her. We make every effort to make sure the student receives the textbook before the class begins, but if enrollment occurs less than two weeks before the start of a class, that may not be possible. If a student enrolls in both parts at once, the textbook for the first part being offered will be sent upon enrollment, and that for the next part will be sent before the start of the next class.


Students will be given access to power points, articles, videos, and other copyrighted materials of the CMA School, and will be invited to participate in scheduled interactive sessions. They will also be allowed to phone an expert during regularly scheduled office hours. By enrolling in a class, students agree that they will not share or distribute the power points, articles, videos, or other copyrighted materials in any way.


Enrolled students can attend classes on a computer from anywhere in the world. All sessions are presented on the GoToMeeting platform, which allows us to have an interactive environment with our students. When attending class, enrolled students are required to log in to GoToMeeting using their entire first and last name. People who have not enrolled and people who log in without fully identifying themselves will not be allowed to attend sessions.


We typically host several information sessions before each class, in part to make sure that all students’ computers are configured correctly to work with GoToMeeting. If an unexpected technical difficulty arises causing a student to be unable to access a class, we make every effort to resolve it. It is sometimes more efficient, however,  either to go online to GoToMeeting’s Customer Support page, https://care.citrixonline.com/gotomeeting?_ga=1.35094626.2144827157.1465921745,  or to call their very helpful technical support team at either (805) 617-7369 (long distance) or 877-582-7010 (toll-free).



What happens if a student has paid for a class and cannot attend? We request that a student considering withdrawal call us, because delaying certification not only delays possible raises and promotions, it may cause additional expense if the CMA Entrance fee or the Exam Registration fee has been paid to the IMA, or fees for scheduling the CMA Exam have been paid to Prometrics. If an insurmountable problem has arisen, causing a student to feel it necessary to withdraw, we want to help. The date we receive an email or postal mail indicating that withdrawal is the right way to go will be the official withdrawal date.


The withdrawal process varies based on the withdrawal date. If that date is

  • before the class has begun, and the books and software are returned within one week of the first class (with the book in new condition and the software unopened), the student will get a full refund. The student is responsible for all shipping costs and should make sure to get a tracking number. The refund will be issued within a week of the date the books and software are received by us.
  • before the class has begun, and the books and software are not returned, the student will get a full refund less the price of the books and software.
  • before the third session of the class, a full refund less a $200 administrative fee and less the price of books and software will be issued.
  • between the third and fifth classes, there is no refund, but we will be happy to include you in all sessions of that class the next time it is offered (between four and eight months later) at no additional charge, even if the tuition goes up.



We are so sure that students who attend a session of our classes (Part I or Part II) and keep up with the assigned work will pass the CMA Exam that we guarantee it. To qualify for this guarantee, a student must

  • attend every session of the class in which you are enrolled. Because classes are offered online, you may attend from your home, office, vacation spot, or even the subway (be sure you have your earbuds or headphones) on your commute home.
  • do the assigned problems each week.
  • submit an essay for grading by the date announced in class.
  • sit for the CMA Exam in the window immediately following the class.
  • submit a copy of the communication you get from ICMA with your failing score.


If you do all the above things for Part 1 or Part 2 and do not pass that part of the CMA Exam, we will welcome you back to the class for that part the next time it is offered (between four and eight months later). Your only possible charge for that next class is for the textbook, if we are using a new edition.


If you are a former student who did not attend every session or do the assigned problems or essay for a particular class, we welcome you to attend the next time that part is offered for half price.


Our goal is your success. If you have any questions about this agreement or anything else about our program, please contact our Registrar at victoria.czarnek@cmaschool.com.